5 healthy & easy 15-minute breakfast recipes for busy mornings

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Oct 19, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

Breakfast is definitely one of the most important meals of the day because it can provide you with the energy you need for school, work, or exercise. A few studies have even shared that eating breakfast can help maintain your desirable body weight, curbs snacking, and gives you the mental alertness you'll need to survive the whole day. However, due to lack of time or inability to insert it in your busy schedule, breakfast is often neglected by most adults.

While eating a full American breakfast sounds tempting, not everyone has the time or ability to prepare it everyday but that does not mean you need to skip eating breakfast all-together. If you find time management challenging especially during busy mornings, here is a list of five healthy and easy breakfast recipes you can prepare in 15 minutes max!

Spark People recommends eating oatmeal topped with your favorite berries to start your day right. It is rich in fiber for digestion, complex carbohydrates for energy, and antioxidants from the berries to boost your immune system and protect you from chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Best of all, a bowl will give not more than 215 calories.

The Huffington Post suggests getting yourself a tall glass and filling it up with Greek yogurt and a couple of your favorite seeds and fruits to have an easy, healthy, and delicious breakfast to make you feel happy all day long. This recipe from Macheesmo adds raw honey to the mix as sweetener but you can skip it out if you're watching your sugar consumption. You can get all the nutrients that you need for only 290 calories so go ahead, check the recipe here!

Eating Well writes that if you wish to have something warm and filling for breakfast, you can try this delicious smoked salmon with egg white in between whole wheat English muffin that is toasted to perfection. Besides being good for the heart and rich in protein due to the fish and egg whites, it is also a great power breakfast to help you deal with work or school stress all day. You can pair it with a freshly squeezed orange juice for only a total of 290 calories so hurry, grab the recipe here!

Feeling too full from last night's dinner or you can't simply make yourself eat due to a presentation that you are nervous about? Don't fret because this smoothie made from superfood acai in combination with your favorite berry can help you feeling full and alert the whole day, The Huffington Post adds. For only a little over 220 calories, you can have a healthy breakfast smoothie in a jiffy so better get the recipe from Food here.

Eating Well adds that besides getting your greens and carbs, have fun with a one-skillet meal that combines protein, carbs and healthy fat in one go. For less than 230 calories, you can have a complete breakfast meal in as little as 10 minutes. Check out the recipe here.

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