'Galaxy Note 6, 6 Edge' Release Date & Specs: No MicroSD Card in Next Gen Smartphone -- What We Know so Far [Rumors]

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Dec 21, 2015 06:00 AM EST

Samsung has always been one of the best-selling smart phone brands in the world. The Korean tech giant has been a favorite for so many years because it never failed to deliver something new in the market everytime the company makes a release and the latest launching of the Galaxy Note 5 is no different.

While many people are enjoying the latest Samsung release, die-hard Samsung followers and new users alike are wondering what is in store for the Galaxy Note 6. Rumors are already circulating that Samsung will release the new installment of the Galaxy Note franchise in 2016, in time of Europe's biggest tech show IFA, in a report by Tech Gadget Central.

Samsung normally launches its new devices anytime during the third quarter of the year. If the company follows the timeframe of its releases, fans can expect a new Samsung gadget that would yet again surpass the consumers' expectations.

The new Samsung Note 5 launched is just in time for the holiday seasons, giving people an idea on what to wish this coming Christmas and New Year.

According a report by Slash Gear, the new Samsung Note 6 will mostly have the same specs as the Note 5 with storage capacities of 128GB and 64GB. Both versions are sold at $818.59 and $847.50 respectively. Moreover, with high storage choices of Samsung 6, there are already talks that the new Samsung product may come to the U.S. with no micro SD card option. Certainly, Samsung may have realized that extra storage is no longer needed.

In addition to the report by Tech Gadget Central, there are also speculations that the new device will have a new design powered with a 16 core processor which is clocked at 3.1GHz. The power that comes with the phone will surely put their competitors on the edge if the rumors will come out as true.

The new Samsung is also expected to come with a Snapdragon and Exynos chipset, along with 8GB of RAM that would give less chance for the gadget to freeze. The 27 megapixel rear camera will also be a big hit when it comes out. In the age of "selfies", a good front and back camera is always a must for trendies.

Meanwhile, Samsung has manufactured a new Pink Gold Galaxy S6 Edge+ to be released in China. The phone definitely looks the same as the standard S6 Edge. There are no changes of the specs; however, they removed Google framework and all other related services, Android Authority reported.

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