Lose Weight Fast in 2016: How to Choose Your Perfect Diet Plan

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Dec 30, 2015 06:00 AM EST

After all the parties and celebrations this holiday season, as the New Year unfolds, people will again want to shed off some pounds. However, with all the new diet plans, trends and fads available in the market, how do you choose the best one for you?

According to ABC News, the U.S. has 108 million people on a diet, who spends almost $40 billion per year just to lose weight. However, per Examiner, even though going on a diet works, the problem lies on the people who wants to lose weight in an instant without considering its long-term effect. Many dieters, after achieving their weight goal, stop and bounce back to their old weight.

Here are some ways to choose your perfect diet plan.

1. Observe Your Food Intake

Examiner says that before deciding on a diet plan, you must first track your food intake for two weeks. Through this, you will have an idea on how many calories you consume every day and will get a clearer picture on how many pounds you have to burn. Tracking your eating habits also lets gives a more realistic weight goal and determine the timeframe you can achieve it.

2. Consider Your Preferences

Mayo Clinic said that by considering your lifestyle, weight goal, past diet experiences and budget, you can have the best diet plan. Diet is not a one-size-fits-all affair, and by taking into consideration your personal needs, decision-making will be a lot easier. For example, if you have tried dieting before, you may want to review what you did at that time and why it worked or not.

Also, one major consideration before going on a diet is your budget. Some weight-loss plans require programs, meetings and supplements apart from just food. Examiner also suggests that before choosing a diet plan, ask yourself if you like the food you're going to consume. Liking the food you're taking while on a diet lessens the risk of going back to your old eating habits.

3. Invest in Fitness Gadgets and Use Technology

With the onset of technology, there are many gadgets and innovations available in the market for health-conscious individuals, one of which is fitness watches. This device enables you to keep track of your daily calorie intake as well as the amount of exercise and physical work that you did. If a fitness watch is not within your budget, simply download one of the many diet apps on your phone so that you can keep track of your weight-loss journey.

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