'Kingdom Hearts 3' News Update: Director Tetsuya Nomura Talks About The Return of The Nobodies & Other Enemies

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Jan 04, 2016 06:30 AM EST

Fans of the "Kingdom Hearts" series are dying to see the arrival of its third installment. It has been a while now, yet there is still no concrete release date for the anticipated game "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Despite keeping things under wraps, Square Enix recognized the importance of their fans in making the "Kingdom Hearts" series a success. The team appreciates the support and love they received from their gamers and as a treat for the holiday season; they took the time to answer some questions for "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" and "Kingdom Hearts 3" and posted it on their blog. The responses were straight from director Tetsuya Nomura.

Among the question asked was about the new design of Nobody with a scythe and flower petals, which was featured in the recent "Kingdom Hearts 3" trailer. The curious fan who asked it wanted to confirm if the said Nobody alludes to a certain former Organization member.

Although Nomura tried to answer the question, he remained reserved. "I think that it's easy to imagine, but I do believe that it will appear in promotional materials sooner or later so please wait for that," he said.

GamingBolt believes that the Nobodies, as shown in the latest "Kingdom Hearts 3" footage, are intended to play major roles in the game's storyline. However, as to what their role will be, no one can tell at the time.

However, another fan had the guts to ask Nomura about this concern. He admitted that he is surprised to see the return of Nobodies in the new "Kingdom Hearts 3" footage and asked what role these characters will be playing in the game. The fan also asked if the upcoming title would feature more enemy type apart from the Nobodies and Heartless.

"I want to make it so that you can tell who had come to that world by the enemies that appear there," Nomura said. "I am thinking of the enemy types as a part of the total production this time." The last statement suggested that there might be more enemy types in "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Meanwhile, Latinos Health previously reported about the trailer for "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" and "Kingdom Hearts 3." The new trailer features several characters in action but it did not reveal any new Disney characters. The trailer is five minutes long and it highlighted the gameplay for both titles. Unfortunately, despite releasing a new footage, release date for "Kingdom Heart 3" remained unknown.

Per GameSpot, the development team will be keeping fans occupy with "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" which is scheduled for release in 2016 while they continue to work on "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Do you think that there's a big chance for "Kingdom Hearts 3" to arrive this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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