5 Weird but Fun Must-try Fitness Workouts

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Jan 25, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Tired of the usual exercises you do at the gym? How about doing something weird but fun? Check out these latest must-try fitness workouts:

1) "Star Wars" Workout

New York fitness Amira Lamb developed the "Star Wars" workout back in 2012 upon the request of Disney and Lucasfilm. The routines require participants to use a yoga mat, gliding disks and lightsabers.

New Yorker reported that the workout promotes cardio training but there's an added fun to waving around a stick that lights up and emits battle sounds. Classes usually have students smiling as they do the routines, with some admitting they're only in it for their love for "Star Wars."

2) TrampoLEAN

The 50-minute classes involve jumping and executing squats and lunges to strengthen the core muscles on a trampoline. Daily Makeover reported that the TrampoLEAN started from a studio in Manhattan and the great thing about the workout is that it's fun without feeling like it's hard work. The intensity level depends on the individual, but it will require some balance and coordination. Expect to burn more than 600 calories with each class.

3) Cycle Karaoke

The routine involves doing cycles on a stationary bike, while belting out your favorite tunes with the rest of the class. Timeout reported that classes are usually done for 45 minutes. Most of the singing happens when the song is slow, so that a participant won't be forced to belt out songs during faster routines. There's also no choreography required, you just have to seat in the bike saddle and sing. If you don't want to sing on the microphone, that's okay too.

4) Heel Hop

Wearing high heels can hurt a lot, but a studio in Los Angeles has turned this into a special fitness class. Students do barre and dance choreographies while wearing their stilettos to promote cardio vascular strength, smaller waistline and toned legs, per Heel Hop's official site. The workout also promotes self-confidence and women empowerment.

5) Punk Rope

This workout may resemble the rigidness of a military boot camp, but it's still a lot of fun. The Huffington Post reported that the classes are challenging and there's a tendency to get your feet tangled in the routines.

However, the payoff for completing a one-hour class can be good for coordination and balance improvement, aside from the usual benefits of cardio training. Instructors also vary the exercises so that newcomers will also be able to work at their own level and pace.

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