How to Prepare For a Snowstorm

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Jan 25, 2016 06:49 AM EST

Winter Storm Jonas is scheduled to hit 20 states in the East Coast of America, according to NBC News.

BBC reports that there will be a 2-feet (60 cm) snowfall by Sunday, Jan. 24. Among those that will be heavily hit are Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia.

While it is common knowledge to bulk buy foods in case they get snowed in, do you know other snowstorm-preparedness techniques and know-how you should know?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a snowstorm:

1.) Food and water emergency supplies

This is one of the most basic things to have on hand when expecting a monster snowfall. It is possible to get snowed in during a blizzard so going out of the house to look for food may be the last thing you should do or suffer the consequences.

2.) Prepare lighting implements

In case the power goes out, prepare battery-powered flashlights and have rechargeable lamps recharged at full power. It is also wise to have battery-powered carbon monoxide detectors as well.

3.) Medical supplies

An expert from the American Red Cross shared to ABC News that the most important thing to have during a snowstorm is medical supplies.

"The most important thing people need to think about for a snowstorm is anything medical that they might need," said Russ Paulsen, recovery program lead for the Hurrican Sandy and Hurrican Katrina aftermath. "If the snow is already starting to fall where you are and you can only make one trip, and if you need any medical supplies, that is a trip to make."

4.) Avoid driving, stay indoors and keep warm

The roads will be slippery and dangerous and there will almost be little road visibility. If it's not an emergency, stay indoors with family and friends. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, it is not advisable to use generators, gasoline heaters, and outdoor grills inside the house. To keep warm, wear layered clothing, have numerous blankets and use a sleeping bag if you must.

5.) Follow shoveling guidelines carefully

The New York Times reports that there are fines for unshoveled sidewalks and stoops. The outlet cited a Facebook post by the Bangor Police Department in Maine to shovel snow carefully with some humorous side tips.

"Don't shovel too early and don't wait too long," the post said. "Pace yourself. Go out every few hours and move a little at a time. It can hurt your back, arms and legs. You always wonder why we all walk funny. It is not because of the clam chowder."

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