'Big Hero 7' Release Date & Cast: Tadashi is Alive With Superpowers - What We Know So Far [Rumors]

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Jan 27, 2016 04:54 AM EST

If you enjoyed “Big Hero 6” and are hoping for a sequel, then the new rumors speculating key plot ideas will be very interesting for you.


The article you are about to read contains possible plot spoilers about the rumored sequel, “Big Hero 7.” If you don't want to spoil your movie experience, better check these easy Latin Breakfast and Sopapilla recipes instead. You're going to love them.

New rumors about “Big Hero 7” are claiming that a character who died in “Big Hero 6” is going to return but, this time, with superpowers, reports Ecumenical News.

Most fans can remember that Hiro Hamada, main protagonist for “BH6,” had an older brother named Tadashi, who was actually responsible for the creation of the robot Baymax.

Tadashi believed in his younger brother's skill in robotics, so he invited the younger sibling to their school expo. While there, Hiro met Tadashi's colleagues and was able to see the medical assistant robot Baymax for the first time.

However, the expo's founder, Dr. Callaghan, had an interest in the microbot invention that Hiro brought to the expo and made plans to get it. Viewers will remember that part of his plan was an “accidental fire” from which Tadashi died while rescuing his brother.

The rumor says that Tadashi did not actually die, reports Master Herald. One of the many inventions in the expo could have probably saved him from the explosion. However, when he returns, he'll be an enemy of the "Big Hero 6," which is led by his brother.

He is said to be returning to the sequel in the form of a villain known as Sunfire, a character who reportedly has the power to fly, resist excessive heat and then turn it into plasma that he can shoot opponents with, reports Movie News Guide.

His return is sure to complicate things for the heroes, as he is Hiro's brother and Baymax's creator. Hiro might face emotional hardships fighting against his brother and Baymax will have his loyalty tested.

However, it seems that Sunfire won't be the main antagonist for the film. Somehow, Tadashi will have a change of heart somewhere in the movie and will even join Hiro's team, forming “Big Hero 7.” Together, they'll fight against the real enemy.

Both Marvel and Disney have not released an official statement regarding the movie's plot or release date just yet, so it's best to take it all with a grain of salt.

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