5 Best Exercises for Women During Menopause

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Jan 28, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Menopause symptoms are worse in women with sedentary lifestyle. A new study involving Latin American menopausal women revealed that at least 64 percent don't do exercises, Eurekalert reported.

Of the women who did not maintain an active lifestyle, 16 percent had severe menopause symptoms. They were also likely to be obese (52%), experiencing hot flashes (21%) and suffering from anxiety, depression and insomnia (17%), per CNN.

"Being sedentary is not only not good for your health, it is not good for your menopause symptoms," said Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton of the North American Menopause Society, the group that commissioned the study.

Thus, the experts suggest menopausal women must do daily exercises to reduce the discomforts of menopause. Doing physical activities allows the body to release chemicals that can control and manage hormonal changes that biological happens in this stage.

Below are five best exercises to do for women who are in menopause:

1) Walking

For mood swings, a good walk can be an alleviator. Everyday Health cited that any aerobic exercise, such as walking, works to ease depression and anxiety, which are common symptoms of menopause. A woman also benefits from the calories burned when doing this exercise, so it's a great workout overall.

2) Swimming

Although it's more challenging to do than walking, swimming for at least 30 minutes daily can help level off the estrogen levels that tend to drop during menopause. Healthy Day reported that, like walking, swimming helps with hot flashes too. It keeps the body and emotions cool.

3) Dancing

The Huffington Post suggested belly dancing for menopausal women as it can keep the blood circulation going. If circulation is improved, body organs that are affected by the changes in a woman's hormones can function better. Thus, the transition during menopause will be easier to manage.

4) Weights

Better Bones cited that women in menopause are at risk for bone loss due to estrogen decline. To prevent this from happening, do weight exercises, which helps with strength training and the development of stronger bones. Since this exercise is intense, do this at least twice or three times a week only while taking breaks in between days.

5) Yoga or Tai Chi

Improve flexibility by doing Tai Chi or yoga exercises. These routines also require breathing techniques and medication, which helps release stress -- both physically and emotionally - and improve sleep conditions. The video below shows how certain yoga movements are better for managing menopause symptoms.

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