'Peppa Pig' can be bad for Latino Kids: Parents Unite to ban Show After Colombian Kids Stop Eating Pork Dishes

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Jan 29, 2016 05:14 AM EST

Peppa Pig has won the hearts of little children all across the globe including those from Latin America. But, their parents? Not so.

In fact, some of the parents from Tolima's capital city of Ibagué in the central region of Colombia have already had enough of the celebrity swine that they took it to the social media to express their displeasure and disapproval of its show.

According to the Latin Correspondent, Ibagué in Tolima, which is one of the several departments or administrative districts comprising the Latin American country, is known for its pork dishes and local traditional cuisine. And, among the favorite dishes in the city is "Lechona", which is one entire pig stuffed with chick peas, rice, onions, and spices, and roasted for up to half a day.

But, now, the kids from the area were said to have been showing a distaste for pork dishes and the parents are blaming it to Peppa Pig. In one instance, children even cried when served with Lechona and parents knew they had to do something about this.

"I stopped my kids from watching the program with that pig (Peppa), until one day at lunch time they started crying when they saw we were serving up Lechona," said one parent who goes by the name Jorge González speaking to Actualidad Panamericana.

"Ever since I was small I was told not to 'play with your food', so I was really worried in December when my kids asked me for Peppa Pig toys to play with and weren't interested in cooking." another parent also complained.

The parents from Ibague were also pushing for the ban of Peppa Pig toys in their place and asking for the hit children's program to be cancelled. According to Colonel Carlos Herrera, the head of the Tolima Police Department, they have already received a lot of complaints from parents, but he also explained that their hands are tied regarding the issue.

"We've had to explain on repeated occasions that the sale of these toys isn't breaking the law, that we don't have any control over national television channels."

Peppa Pig is a British TV cartoon series from director and producer Astley Baker Davies. It is now shown in more than 100 countries worldwide since its first broadcast back in May 2004. There were earlier reports that some Muslim groups were also asking for the ban of the show, but as it turns out, the claims were untrue.

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