'Street Fighter 5' Beta, Release Date, Tutorial & Gameplay: New Game Modes, Training Options Revealed

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Jan 31, 2016 09:41 PM EST

Game geeks may now start prepping their PCs and PlayStation 4 consoles for the new "Street Fighter V."

Game blog Gematsu reported that the latest Capcom game will be publicly released this coming February 16. The new trailer gives gamers a detailed preview of the fighting game's different game modes.

However, game website Destructoid has already given their two cents on the new trailer commenting on Capcom's great ability to make awesome trailers using ordinary info. "I've enjoyed watching slickly produced videos about training mode options and network settings since SFIV and SFxT and it looks like SFV has had no problem picking up the torch," the blog penned.

Critiques aside, Gematsu has provided a quick rundown of the six new modes in a report:

Tutorial Mode

First time players don't need to break a sweat as this mode provides step by step instructions on how to manoeuvre your way to the game like controlling characters and operating control buttons.

Character Story Mode

The new Street Fighter boasts of 16 unique fighters packaged with their own unique goals, destinies and assigned mysteries which the player must unravel. The Character Story Mode will offer gamers the opportunity unlock each other character's story which then equates to a matching story costume. Accumulated game rewards called "fight money" can be used to purchase desired costumes.

Survival Mode

This mode is for those who would like to take on the challenge of testing their gaming skills.

"See how many opponents you can defeat under a set of restrictions," the blog writes. Gamers can also make use of the extra battle features to amp their EX Gauge and thus score in the Survival mode. High scores unlock new colors that correspond to the player's level.

Training Mode

This mode allows for the player to practice in order to hone his or her skills and techniques. Here, the user will discover useful shortcut commands as well as the ability to designate and refresh the character position through the use of a touchpad. This mode is perfect for prepping and rehearsing for combos you may use in future setups.

Network Battle

Here, gamers may play pressure-free matches and view Online Ranking Points in Ranked Matches. In the Network Battle, players are to wait for matches on the Menu screen, Training Mode or Story Mode.


The CFN mode or the Capcom Fighters Network gives gamers a platform to link up with other players. Here, a player can view who's online through a global map and watch the battles happen all over the world.

Street Fighter gamers can also look up specific players through the feature "rival search." Opponents' battle stats are also made available for everybody's viewing by accessing "Fighters' Profiles."

According to the same report, gamers can expect more free features after the game is publicly launched.

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