Gwen Stefani vs Miranda Lambert: Singers to 'Showdown' Over Blake Shelton, Miranda 'Can't Control Herself'?

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Feb 12, 2016 06:09 AM EST

There are rumours circulating that Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert may not be as civil as it seems. According to the cover of the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, the two is ready for a showdown over a common interest: Blake Shelton.

According to Inquisitr, Lambert is looking to get even with Stefani after the latter paraded her romance with Shelton like he was some prize in a competition after ending her marriage with Gavin Rossdale. Allegedly, Stefani did this to make herself feel better. Lambert added that it wasn't fair and nice.

Stefani definitely broke all the girl codes in the book, the insider tells In Touch. The insider added that Stefani and Lambert are ready to sit down for a showdown over Blake Shelton, reports Hollywood Life.

Inquisitr gives a background on what may have prompted Lambert to take on Stefani. This may be patterned with what happened with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie years ago. When Pitt divorced his then-wife Jennifer Aniston for his "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" co-star, Angelina Jolie, many assumed that Pitt and Jolie's romance started after the movie was filmed, consequently after the divorce with Aniston was final. However, Jolie, later on, confirmed that she and Pitt fell in love while doing the action film.

This may have been the case with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, according to rumours. Inquisitr reports that Stefani and Shelton did not appear together on "The Voice" until season seven and nine. They announced they were dating mid-way through season nine after both announced their divorces.

After four years of marriage, Shelton revealed that he and Lambert ended their relationship July of last year. Weeks after the announcement, Gwen Stefani and her husband of 13 years announced they were divorcing too.

In late October, barely three months after Stefani's divorce announcement, she was seen with Shelton getting comfortable at a Halloween party. A few days after, they were already caught holding hands at a Country Music Award after-party, according to the news site.

While there may be no absolute proof that Stefani and Shelton had something while being married, In Touch claims that Lambert is looking to vent out her hurt feelings and unanswered questions.

The source added that Lambert has doesn't hold back when she communicates with Shelton knowing that Stefani may know through text, phone calls or mutual friends. Stefani feels that Lambert is hurt. Lambert can't help herself but act it out. The source added that Lambert can't control herself even if she doesn't want to hurt ex-husband's current girlfriend.

Meanwhile, an exclusive report by Gossip Cop claims that there will be no showdown between the two women. It was merely a make-up story to fuel a fight that is not going to happen. On Feb. 10, Inquisitr reported that Stefani's rep confirmed she had no plans to meet with Lambert.

Check out this funny clip of the lip sync battle of Stefani and Shelton in The Tonigh's Show:

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