'World of Warcraft: Legion' Release Date, Expansion, Trailer & Update: Watch the World Of Warcraft Movie & Get Exclusive Gameplay Bundles?

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Feb 12, 2016 06:07 AM EST

Blizzard Entertainment is planning to cash in on the potential success of the upcoming "World Of Warcraft" film slated to be released on June 10.

A Reddit forum was stirred up when one user who goes by the name FatSocks posted a screenshot of what appeared to be a survey that he got from Blizzard via e-mail. It states that the developer is considering to offer an exclusive gameplay bundle, the "World of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition."

The free copy to be given away for every purchase of the movie ticket will come with all the expansions and a one month of game time, also without charge. Furthermore, the company will also include an in-game item.

"Blizzard is trying something new with boosting up the appeal of the flailing subscriber base of 'World of Warcraft': they could be offering up a bundle pack of all previously released expansion packs of WoW for people who decide to go to see the upcoming movie," wrote Cinema Blend.

"Given that 'World of Warcraft' has been bleeding subscribers for a while now (and surprisingly it hasn't been to any of the dozens of 'World of Warcraft' killers that have popped up over the years) it makes sense that Activision-Blizzard would put some real effort in attempting to revitalize the game while the movie becomes hot property in theaters."

Naturally, there were speculations regarding the authenticity of the e-mail with some users claiming that it could be just some sort of a phishing attempt. A typo error in the expansion title "Wrath of the Lich King," which is misspelled as "Lich King" also did not help the cause of the e-mail's validity.

But the survey's legitimacy was officially confirmed by one of the members of Blizzard Customer Support who dropped by and joined the conversation.

Apart from the "Wrath of the Lich King," other expansions included are "Burning Crusade," "Cataclysm," "Mists of Pandaria" and "Warlords of Draenor." On the one hand, the latest expansion, the "World of Warcraft: Legion," will not be included in the free bundle of the "World of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition."

According to the latest update, the "World of Warcraft: Legion" will be released sometime this 2016, and no exact dates have been given as of yet. For those interested, World of Warcraft released a cinematic trailer of the most recent expansion in YouTube. You can check out the video below.

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