Miss Teen USA: Swimsuit Competition Out, Athletic Wear In - Pageant Date is July 30, 2016

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Jul 02, 2016 09:50 AM EDT

In the next Miss Teen USA pageant on July 30, contestants will no longer have to participate and be judged in their swimsuits. Instead, they will be judged in an athletic wear category that aims to showcase a woman's "strength, confidence and beauty," according to the organizers.

Miss Teen USA 2016 and Miss Universe Organization Rebranding

An exclusive report by USA Today revealed that from switching swimsuits to athletic wear, physical fitness importance is better highlighted, especially among the participants. The announcement is part of the changes made by the new management, WME-IMG, for the Miss Universe Organization.

The agency bought the organization from Donald Trump in September after the politician spoke racial slurs against immigrants that made NBC and Univision refuse to broadcast the show in their networks.

The rebranding was largely supported by the organization heads and the participants. They said that it encourages and empowers girls who have an active lifestyle. The current Miss Teen USA, Katherine Halk, commended the decision and explained that it celebrates athletic and active women.

Furthermore, the organization hopes that more and more parents will allow their teens to join the competition as it was feared that the swimsuit competition was deemed exploitable.

Former Pageant Star Reacts to Swimsuit Competition Criticisms

Former Miss New York Shanna Moakler spoke out regarding the swimsuit category in Miss Teen USA. She defended that the skin-baring competition was not about showing off women's bodies but about their fitness and confidence.

However, Moakler added that the new category will be a "fun change." She adds that athletic wear is an equalizer for the ladies and explains that she is in whole support of the new changes.

Miss USA 2016 host Julianne Hough also adds that while conservatives may find the swimsuit competition scandalous, she describes it like wearing normal swimming apparel at the beach. Hough is also the creative producer of the Miss USA pageant this year and once hinted about the new changes.

The Miss Teen USA 2016 pageant will be held on July 30 in Las Vegas.

Do you think that swimsuit competitions are outdated and can now be considered useless in today's society?

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