Cannabis abuse triples risk of psychosis: Study

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Nov 12, 2016 02:44 AM EST

Cannabis abuse activates psychosis and not the other way around. This was presented by the Norwegian researchers.The excessive use of this plant triples the risk of psychosis. The researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) claimed.

In collaboration with the the U.S. team, they studied the abuse of cannabis and manifestations of psychosis from almost 1,400 pairs of twins. In the overall findings, they saw a relevant relationship between the cannabis abuse and symptoms of psychosis. This was actually confirmed before. The intriguing query is, what causes it.

"The new discovery is that, among a pair of twins where only one smokes cannabis, that twin has a 3.5 times higher risk of developing psychosis," Eivind Ystrom, senior researcher from FHI, told Norwegian news agency NTB.

"We have also tested the hypothesis that symptoms of psychosis cause cannabis abuse, but that hypothesis was less suited to the data. It appears, therefore, that cannabis abuse is a cause of psychosis," he said.

As per Ystrom, the study was executed through a personal interview and examination. It did not probably used questionnaire, which is totally distant from the individuals recommendation.

People who turned to be pyschosis can be originated from a corrupt practice of using cannabis at an early age. It is because both psychosis and cannabis abuse comprises a quality of being carried out, as stated in rcpsych.

These circumstances must be noted when assessing the possible outcomes of legally permitting the usage of cannabis commodities.

There was already a pure proof of the connection between intensive use of cannabis and risk of mental disorder, Robin Murray, professor of psychiatric research at King's College London stated.

In the year 2005-2011, the researchers operated with 410 patients, aging 18-65. They showed at south London hospitals with a preliminary period of psychosis. The manifestations were hallucinations for almost a month.

A total of 370 conditioned individuals from the same sector were added as controls.

The ability and habitual use of cannabis are intensely connected to the chance of prospering mental health disorder. This research was publicly dessiminated through the journal Lancer Psychiatry. The things stated by the author frequently missed by specialists.

People who were inhaling low grade types of the drug, such as hash, did not seemingly got a chance of developing psychosis. Murray expressed that, along with this result, he suggested hash to affected individuals. This is very helpful for those who have difficulties in withdrawing from smoking.

Since the study lasted, cannabis had been totally growing in power with artificial types. This was the so called "spice" which is associated with serious period of psychosis, Murray supplemented.

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