Life on Mars? UFO researchers claim alien technology found sitting on Martian rock

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Nov 12, 2016 02:53 AM EST

Mars,  the most talk about planet in the solar system has again set a stage of speculations among the UFO and extraterrestrial researchers. On November 2, NASA released an image from curiosity rover. A mechanical object was seen sitting in an upright position on the Martian rock. Many believed that is must be a part of an extraterrestrial technology that is seen in the surface of the red planet.

An article and a photo posted in the UFO Sightings Daily suggest that it clearly shows "mechanical object sticking out of a notch that was made to hold it." It added that despite what it could be, it indicates a technology of an alien race.

In the case of the image photographed by curiosity rover several days ago, UFO researchers conclude that the image shown begins to unravel the truth that indeed we are not alone in the universe.

According to UFO Sighting Daily, these truths are hidden by NASA. They already knew it from the beginning that there is indeed a race aside from us. Therefore, images of the Martian discoveries are very low in resolution to keep the fact hidden from the public.

Although, as per Morning News USA, photos of the alien object are a bit tiny, Mars' curiosity rover is too far from Earth to send large amount of data. Also, Curiosity was not programmed to investigate but its sensors and cameras were made to only capture images of the Martian landscapes, not on a specific object.

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