Target Releases MONUMENTAL Black Friday deals; iPad Mini 2 at $200, iPad Air 2 for $274 and more

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Nov 12, 2016 02:25 AM EST

The greatly awaited day of Black Friday is approaching slowly and shoppers are going crazy with all the discounts and offers big stores are offering. And today, yet another one of the biggest stores in the world, Target, has released its Black Friday ad.

Featuring multiple items from the electronics category as well as a thousand more products, the official Target website has all the information there. Also, on the verified Black Friday portal, customers can check out all the discounted products.

Of course, Target's sale would not actually be one if it did not include a high end electronic device at a jaw-droppingly cheap price. And so it has been done!

The store's selection of tablets was from the trusty Apple brand and the iPad Pro was also included in the collection. The 9.7 inch tablet is available at a 25% discount and is priced at $499.

Apart from the Pro, the 2 other tablets; iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 respectively are available for $274 and $200. Target is not exactly targeting tablets this year. It also has enormous discounts on TVs, Smartphones and gaming consoles...etc.

Taking the Samsung 55-inch Curved 4K UHD TV for instance; the original price which came to approximately $1100, is now priced at $697. Not just that but there is also a Samsung 60-inch UHD TV for the same price.

On the Black Friday portal, customers can check out the first 4 pages to see the newest deals that'll end on Thursday. Products like hoverboards, DVD players and Android tablets w/keyboards win the label of being the cheapest items of their kind sold on Target.

Not to mention there is a fixed 30% discount offer on ALL footwear for kids, men and women. As well as a fixed 25% off on all Apple TV devices.

In order for customers to obtain these awesome discounts, the Black Friday website now has published store maps. Customers can input their ZIP code and all the available Target stores will show.

Happy Target Shopping!

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