HIV/AIDS Cure Update: J&J vaccine, Gilead immune booster combination gives promising results

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Nov 12, 2016 02:41 AM EST

Another promising HIV vaccine was reported to combat rising HIV infection. These were the Johnson and Johnson with Gilead Sciences Inc compound to provide hopes for HIV patients.

According to Reuters, the interesting experimental HIV vaccine from J&J was fused with an immune system booster from Gilead Sciences. It was introduced to a monkey, and the virus was under control level even after the medication ended.

This is favorable and it was apparently another progression toward the improvement of HIV treatment. The two organizations were presently testing the items independently as a primary phase trials to HIV patients. The analysis was distributed on Wednesday in the journal Nature.

Nine monkeys were assessed of being infected with simian immunodeficiency virus. This is the monkey variant of HIV. It revealed that the medication were significantly more efficient when utilized in combination than independently.

The viral load of all the monkeys were considerably decreased with the mixture of the two medications. There were three of them, which retained the virus at under control level. This was sustained for six months after antiretroviral treatment or ART medications were quitted.

The study was a segment of continuous endeavors to build up a so-called functional heal for HIV. This will probably end HIV patients in day by day taking of antiretroviral treatment.

"Current antiretroviral drugs, although they're lifesaving, do not cure HIV. They merely hold it in check. We are trying to develop strategies to achieve ART-free, long-term viral suppression," said study author Dr. Dan Barouch.

The author is a vaccine researcher at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. 

The group applied what is known as a "kick and kill" approach. A therapeutic vaccine called Ad26/MVA was assessed in the trial. It was tested in the primary human trials.

The vaccine responded through bursting a wide immune response from the versatile immune system. It was integrated with Gilead's experimental drug called GS-986, a so-called TLR-7 agonist.

TLR-7 quickly stimulates the natural immune system, which is the primary line of protection. And also it supports the body's first reaction to illness. Gilead is, likewise, testing GS-986 in HIV-infected individual trials. 

Monkeys with Gilead's TLR-7 agonist show no effect, the virus rapidly sprang back. Treated solely with Ad26/MVA displayed a moderate decrease of viral load and fair impediment of viral return.

The combination of Gilead's TLR-7 and Ad26/MVA gave the greatest result. It showed a 2.5 times longer interruption in viral return as matched with the control group.

It seems that, HIV infection has indeed a cure. If this study will reach its full blown success, hopefully it will influence the HIV infection statistics each year.

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