Go Pro Hero 5 vs Xiaomi Yi 4K: Xiaomi offers 'GoPro Killer' for $150 less

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Nov 14, 2016 09:44 PM EST
Adventurous people are trying to capture everything they see. It's a considerable deal to compile awesome images from great devices. The escapade devotees are certainly glad with the most-recent Go Pro Hero 5 carrying extraordinary supplemental aspects.

With this, Xiaomi's Yi 4K keeps on dazzling action camera fans. Its promotion includes a low-cost, with all the qualities required for an action camera.

The following is the similarities of the two. This is needed to guide prospect purchasers choose which device suits their interest.


Go Pro Hero 5 is water resistant up to 10 meters and invulnerable to dust, as well. The Snapdragon 800 chipset of the gadget, empowers it to enhance its stabilization highlight. 

The Go Pro Hero 5 was equipped with 4K to 8K resolution recording dimensions.

For the Xiaomi Yi 4K, a 4K video footage is likewise conceivable with the assistance of a Sony IMX377 12-megapixel camera focal point. It is capable of record time-lapse videos and footages.

Xiaomi Yi 4K also thrill clients to its 2.19-inch mini monitor, which was beforehand not accessible in the primary Xiaomi Yi model.

 Battery life and other features 

Go Pro Hero 5 has a battery capacity of 1,160 mA while Yi K's is larger at 1,400 mAH. The Go Pro promotion can control voice, which permits users to manipulate the action camera without pressing a button.

Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera has a built-in tripod attached to its body. This was not available in GoPro Hero 5.

Similar with Xiaomi Yi 4K, GoPro users can also put their cameras on a tripod utilizing a split case which is an added expense.

Price comparison 

The two cameras have big distinction with their price rate. The Go Pro Hero 5 has a higher price for $399 while the Xiaomi Yi 4K has almost $150 less difference in its price. Purchasers can get Xiaomi's Go Pro Killer for a price of just $250.

This is a wide rate discrepancy which will cause purchasers to decide well what action camera they prefer to buy.

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