Behati Prinsloo Snaps Back to Post Baby Bod in One Month After Delivery ; Victoria's Secret Angel Workout Plan Revealed

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Nov 15, 2016 11:14 AM EST

It's no secret that Victoria Secret models follow a strict diet plan to ensure their bodies stay fit and in shape for their regular fashion runways. But when it comes to post baby bods, Victoria Secret model or not, every lady out there needs to know how to get back in shape after a delivery.

And so, Behati Prinsloo; wife hit singer Adam Levin, has set the perfect examples for moms around the world. After the successful birth of first daughter, Dusty Rose, with husband Adam Levin; Behati snapped back in to her usual figure in an alarmingly short time frame.

In the span of one month Prinsloo showed shocking recovery indications. Forget that, she was spotted hanging out with her girl besties just 3 weeks after giving birth to her beautiful daughter.

For the occasion of Halloween, Behati replicated Julia Robert's famous character; Pretty Woman. She pulled off the costume incredibly and exposed some torso skin while at it. And her stomach's pretty flat!

Get to know all about the model's awesome diet plan as well as her favorite snacks and drinks. Not to mention her workout plan:

Food and Diet Plan

It certainly comes as a great relief and surprise, that Behati is not much of a diet freak. She does not go crazy with all the diet plans. Instead she just makes sure that her body is receiving an adequate amount of vegies and protein.

According to Food4BetterHealth the model's most popular snack is almonds. She carries them around with her everywhere and all the time. But she makes it a habit to moderately intake them as almonds are rich in calories.

But that does not stop the V.S angel from snacking every now and again. She calls herself the "snack stealer". She and Lily Aldridge always snack together. The besties that snack together, stay together, yea?

Behati also states that she loves to drink green tea as well as iced tea. But no juice cleanses. According to her, juice cleanses are not healthy and after regular intake, they leave the drinker feeling miserable and sullen.

Workouts and Activities

Adam Levine's wife credits her frequent swimming sessions as the reason behind why her body is so fit. Pilates are also her favorite type of workout. But pushing everything to the side she is a stark lover of water.

Once she was being interviewed and her words were as follows:

"The beach is definitely where I feel most at home. It's my oxygen. I forget how much I need it sometimes when I'm away working. I am a mermaid after all."

Behati is surely a mermaid with her fit body and lovely attitude but sadly she will not be walking the runway this year. But surely 2017 will be her year! 

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