Cannabis is now legal, can we enjoy pot with ease?

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Nov 15, 2016 12:31 AM EST

Cannabis is legal! Can we enjoy now a recreational pot with ease? But not really now! The full action is still going to take its toll on the patience of eager voters. The excited voters did not seem to imagine what they have oin their way to a legal recreational pot. 

The Mercury News reports that California which is one of the few states to legalize cannabis, does not offer all of its citizens the full right to enjoy this legal permission. Some towns may not permit the sale of cannabis ever.

The towns that have the green signal of enjoying the pot do not allow sale and trade of cannabis -- a fact that everyone finds puzzling.

Consumption of recreational cannabis must not exceed the limit of 28.5 grams. That means mere 40 average-sized joints, depending on if you are successful in getting and not 'buying' it because selling and purchasing is still not permitted.

For patients, getting cannabis from a licensed medical store is allowed. A patient after getting the desired stuff is in full passion of it. He can gift it to anyone of his friends or relatives and that is the most convenient and quickest way of getting cannabis currently.

Los Angeles Times reports that Proposition 64 spread over 64 pages is a complicated document. The document has the details of how California will tax and regulate the growth, sale, and transportation of cannabis for recreational purpose.

Perhaps the other fastest way is to grow cannabis at home but not more than 6 plants at a time. This homegrown stuff must be strictly regulated by the family so that kids under the age of 21 do not smoke it.

Pot has bad effects on brain development. Enticing kids under their legal age is a serious matter. And if anyone is found to be smoking cannabis in a public place or near a school where smoking is illegal, he may face a fine from $100 to $250.

Possessing an open container with cannabis in a car or driving under influence is definitely prohibited under Proposition 64.

Californians will not be able to sell and purchase marijuana until they are issued a license. State officials inform that almost a year is needed for developing the regulations for cannabis trade and transportation.

The estimated date for the licenses to come in action is Jan. 1, 2018. Are we patient enough to wait?

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