Smoking marijuana can possibly kill you? Study says it will likely so

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Nov 15, 2016 06:28 AM EST

Now that the large US states are voting to legalize recreational marijuana, the American youths' spirits are in the sky. Weed has always been the biggest form of pleasure for teenagers and elders alike.

But as they puff away at their rolled cigarettes, are any one of those youthful humans aware of the damage they are making within their bodies. Yes, weed is not completely harmless. Medical studies have proven that smoking weed can lead to (TVRB) Transient Ventricular Regional Ballooning.

TVRB basically defines to a form of cardiomyopathy, which is the weakening of the heart. Symptoms can be identified as short breath, dizziness, and chest ailments. LiveScience states that TVRB feels a lot like a heart attack.

The oddest find from the medical study, where credits goes to Dr. Amitoj Singh, says that marijuana consumers are in fact quite the opposite types from those that are most likely to be diagnosed with TVRB. He furthermore states:

"This heart condition which very much feels like a heart attack is very common amongst women with post-menopausal! But in this study the marijuana consumers who were diagnosed with TVRB were approximately 44 years old."

Thirty-six percent of these individuals were men. Although rest can be assured that none of the diagnosed people died from this condition. So smoking marijuana does not lead to death but immense chest ailments and much discomfort. CNN follows up with more details in its article.

Dr. Singh furthermore adds that the TVRB condition has very recently been documented and the one thing that links smoking marijuana with it is high-level stress hormones. Certain research proves that elevated levels of stress hormones increase the condition's development in the body.

However, on top of all the research that has already been produced, Dr. Amitoj states that there are many blank spaces in the study. The researchers are not aware of how these patients consumed weed and how much did they intake and other minor details that make a great difference.

So there is yet a lot of concentrated research to be done and this is just a short notice of the matter. He said, "We don't know everything about marijuana."

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