Brad Pitt's 'dynamite' recordings may prevent Angelina Jolie from getting full custody of children

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Nov 16, 2016 04:49 AM EST

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's sharp separation push has brought an emotional wind. This was with the bits of gossip about tapes that was greatly destructive for Jolie.

Sources near the couple suggested for an available sound recording, The Sun reported. These might hinder Jolie's proposal to triumph over main custody of their six children.

On Wednesday (November 9, 2016), Pitt has been cleared up by the LA County Department Of Children And Family Services from the abuse accusations. Jolie's delegate informed TMZ that she was ready to submit evidence to evaluate that he is really guilty of abuse.

Recently, Pitt seemed to point a tactical burrow at Jolie, when he went to the premier of his film Allied in Los Angeles.

The actor cast-off his wedding ring while he and French co-star Marion Cotillard was taken a photo. Cotillard was reported of having an affair with Pitt, which she denied.

With regards to the recordings, a source close to the ex-couple stated: "We trust audiotapes of Angelina that would be totally exploded against her if they managed to be made it open."

No one desires to appear dirty as like that. It's actually not decent for the children. However, Angelina and her group appear definitely tough. They seek to dishonor Brad in a way to impede him acquiring communal custody.

It's true that there was a dispute in the plane between Pitt and Maddox. In contrast with the reports, there was no sign of abuse. Brad desired to attain a grown-up settlement and demise shedding impurity at each other.

Long-term fellows of Brangelina's domestic personnel supported "good dad" Pitt. They were ready to give a statement to serve as Police's case files. They aim to express that the actor was a kind father.

Pitt felt so petrified from approach deprivation to his children. The abuse accusations made him unable to sleep.

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