Song Joong ki and Song Hye kyo: Actor denies gay rumors, 'Descendants of the Sun' cancellation final?

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Nov 16, 2016 06:14 AM EST

The "Descendants of the Sun" (DOTS) lead stars' real-life love affair keep on being tormented by gruesome speculations. Taking after successive reports, the two were said to be dating.

Reports appeared proposing that Hye kyo is just a "front". As it was being circulated in the Internet that Song Joong-ki is a gay.

Joong-ki's sexuality has been placed into doubts. Reports also disclosed why the love team will not anymore play their characters in another DOTS season.
Song Joong ki was reported using his claimed relationship with Song Hye kyo to conceal his gay identity. SportsRageous mentioned before that the actor's real gender is not what it appears to be.

Song Joong ki's gay rumors occurred because he favoured the company of male co-workers. He even engraved co-star Kwang Soo's name on a beach stone. Additionally, his rumored affair with Song Hye kyo were disclaimed by DOTS executives.

The actor said in his previous statement that people be obliged to just center on his performance. They should step away from his sex preference controversy.

A report from iTech Post broadcasted the standing of "SongSong" couple's come back as Yoo Si-jin and Kang Mo-yeon. Reports said that the two stars didn't accept the offer to replay their characters in "Descendants of the Sun" season 2.

DOTS executives were reported on deciding to call-off the whole show. They expressed that it would be difficult for the next season to involve new stars replacing the SongSong couple.

It was also reported that Joong ki will return to the "Running Man". They were considering that this might be one reason why he can't play his role on DOTS 2.

Hye kyo couldn't do her role comfortably without her primary co-lead. She was then anticipated to refuse the project as well.

Speculations indicated that Joong-ki will lead in "Train to Busan 2." In addition, his other project "Battleship Island," is ready for screening soon. These developments rather toughen the broadcasts that Joong-ki may never repeat his portrayal for DOTS Season 2.

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