Alcohol consumption - even in small amounts, may lead to prostate cancer

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Nov 16, 2016 12:58 PM EST

MAOTAI, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 23: Chinese men toast each other while drinking thier locally made wine called baijiu at dinner on the Chishui RIver, on September 23, 2016 in Maotai,Guizhou province, China. Distillers in the famous Maotai town along the Chishui River produce well over half of the country's baijiu, the potent traditional Chinese wine made with fermented sorghum that is popular at state functions and often sells for hundreds of dollars per bottle. The most famous wine brands have long used the Chishui as their prime water source, giving the 437-kilometer long mainstream of the river a treasured reputation as being the 'River of Wines'. That the area is also revered as the site of a 1935 revolutionary battle led by Mao Zedong during the historic Long March of the Red Army has fortified efforts to protect the ecology of the Chishui and the river basin. This year, governments in the three provinces that the river crosses imposed strict measures to curb sewage disposal, over-development, and environmental degradation. As a result, the Chishui, which literally means 'red water river' due to its reddish sentiment, is the only branch of the upper Yangtze that is not polluted, has no dams or reservoirs on its mainstream, and will eventually have a full ban on fishing. Authorities also closed nearly five hundred distilleries and paper mills. Major distillers dependent on the health of the 'River of Wines' pay millions of dollars per year toward environmental maintenance and enforcement. (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images) (Photo : Kevin Frayer / Stringer)

A group of analysts from Canada and Australia has discovered an important connection between alcohol drinking and prostate cancer. In their research, they demonstrated that the further men drink, the higher their risk of developing a prostate cancer.

Both regular alcohol consumer and heavy-drinker are at risk of prostate cancer. The study was published in the journal BMC CancerThe researchers stated that, for the first time, they discovered a relevant dose-response link between the amount of alcohol consumption and chance of prostate cancer development.

The team evaluated that low-level drinkers has an eight per cent probability of developing the cancer as compared with non-drinkers. Alcohol drinkers who consume over five gulps each day had a higher risk of prostate cancer by 18 percent as compared with persistent non-drinkers.

In addition, a study published in Oxford Journals also discovered that drinking liquor, but not wine or beer, is surely related to prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer was considered as the fifth major cause of death in men globally. Over 3000 Australian men, for instance, die from the disease annually. It was found out that breast cancer may also be induced by alcohol consumption.

Furthermore, almost seven kinds of digestive system cancers were included as a result of drinking alcohol.

The research team was from National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) at Curtin University in Perth and the Centre for Addictions Research of BC at the University of Victoria in Canada. They examined over 25 prostate cancer old days studies. The previous studies' investigation included up to the year 2014.

After all the analysis, they discovered that even the lowest amount of alcohol can raise a man's danger of prostate cancer.

"This new study contributes to the growing evidence that alcohol consumption is a causal factor for prostate cancer," said Professor Tanya Chikritzhs.

Prof Chikritzhz was the co-author of the research. She said that the discovery of their study emphasized the demand to enhance fact finding on alcohol and health.

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