Channing Tatum acting rude, grumpy because of alcohol detox?

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Nov 18, 2016 05:07 AM EST

Channing Tatum can exclusively bust the claim of a phony tabloid report that he was acting "rude" and "grumpy." He is supposedly on a detox program from alcohol.

Tatum was attending a charity benefit organized by FF - an organization in Los Angeles when he was reported to be grumpy and rude. The NGO: Fulfillment Fund is dedicated to empowering the students through education.

Gossip Cop just reported that a so-called "source" termed Tatum as "grumpy and bored." Tatum was not in good mood in the event because he has just come off the effect of booze. The actor is on a three-month detox. The "source" also commented on his mood by adding he as "barely able to muster a smile" during the function.

When it comes to self-expression and creativity, Tatum is great in both. He is known for his wittiness; sociable and attention-driving personality.  How one with these great personality traits can be found "grumpy and bored?"

Celebrities Galore writes that Tatum "masters the resilience to overcome many setbacks." He becomes the center of attention in a party and has the power to uplift the others. He is able to bring much happiness and success to him. The site also dubs him optimistic!

Gossip Cop checked with a representative about Tatum in the event of Fulfillment Funds. He assured that the story spread currently about his mood is totally not true.

The actor can simply affirm that the report is "not true" because it is really not!

The actor has been attacked with false rumors in the past as well. A tabloid's false cover story went for making big news out of nothing when it said that the couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan was going to have a second baby to save their marriage.

It is apparent that the story is as dubious as they have no second child and their marriage is successful and happy with no signs of being at a verge of splitting.

This current tale of Tatum acting as "rude" and "grumpy" also have no chance to survive for being baseless.

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