Jennifer Aniston's 'miscarriage' story is 100% false

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Nov 17, 2016 01:43 PM EST

"The Break-Up" star, Jennifer Aniston did not really experience a miscarriage. The previous report was totally a lie regardless of an untrue and shameful article from the tabloids.

That magazines used a falsified statement to make a wrong story. The report said that Jen was on the way to adopt an orphan from Mexico.

On Wednesday's National Enquirer headline, the statement said, "Jen Making Her Mommy Dreams Come True!" According to the magazine, Aniston "suffered a devastating miscarriage" a few months ago. Now she's supposedly "considering bringing home an orphan to call her own."

In addition in the tabloid's statement, "Jen was in a very dark place after she lost her baby." This was claimed by the tabloid that it came from a certain source. "This has brought some happiness to her life, and brought her close to her dream of having her own child."

Moreover, the magazine said that following Jen's miscarriage, she had another controversy. It was the report about her husband Justin Theroux, who erupted after admitting her solace to ex, Brad Pitt after split with Angelina Jolie.

However, almost the majority of the citations on Aniston adopting and Theroux-Aniston-Pitt was every-word repetition from other printings.

The National Enquirer restated the report from last week's Star story. It was the report which incorrectly said that Aniston and Theroux were "at war" over Pitt. Additionally, the supermarket tabloid likewise reprised accusations from its comrade source RadarOnline.

The RadarOnline Tuesday's report was a false revelation, that Aniston was going to adopt.

All the reports about Aniston were lies and invalid. The National Enquirer's fake miscarriage claims was certainly shameful. "They are disgusting," the star's rep tells Gossip Cop.

After all the citations, the true Gossip Cop's latest story was just the miscarriage exposure. It was debatably and the most shocking segment.

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