Brad Pitt 'crushed'; actor only saw his children three times since split from Angelina Jolie

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Nov 18, 2016 01:21 PM EST

"Allied" star Brad Pitt may have been absolved of child abuse accusations, but he's reportedly feeling "empty" without his kids on his side. The actor seldom sees his six children since separating from his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie.

 An insider told US Weekly that Brad was "crushed." He only saw his six children three times in two months since Angelina filed for divorce.

Pitt was now a lonesome father while, in fact; as per previous reports, he was aiming for twelve children.  

The actor appeared happy during the premier of his new movie "Allied." It shows that he tried to display a joyful look. He was simply putting up a "front," a source told US Weekly.

Putting the children as the priority and main concern are essential. "Brad has been deferential on what's best for them and limits their stress," says a Pitt insider. To that end, he's not ready to see them shuttled between households. Says a source, "You don't just immediately create a new world."

The "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" stars were strained with their still-to-adapt set up, as to be expected. The actor held back three weeks before he saw his kids. This was during their therapeutic visit.

However, throughout the short visits, "the kids didn't warm up to him."

According to another source, Pitt "wants to limit the fighting" as they pursue on the process of their divorce. He doesn't want to clash with the "Mojave Moon" actress.

"Unfortunately, Pitt could use all of his old friends right now," a source told Hollywood Life on October 3. "He feels like his life is completely empty without the kids."

The house feels enormous, vacant and extremely tranquil. Brad remained truly ripped up from what had happened. He was hopeless to conclude a custody arrangement with Jolie. He should not accept any decision but for an equal custody, the source added.

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