‘Divergent Series’ news and update: Theo James, rejected filming with “Ascendant” co-star Shailene Woodley?

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Nov 17, 2016 01:41 PM EST

The "Divergent" movie series snapped up its success from its last release. Another upcoming sequel was reported. However, there were speculations that one of the lead stars will not be included in the movie.

The partners, Theo James and Shailene Woodley were recognized as an excellent team-up for the "Divergent Series" films.

According to a report from Mobile & Apps, James prefers Ruth Kearney for "Ascendant." Moreover, he seems to be avoiding co-star Woodley.

The actor was claimed in a report that he caused the postponement of his wedding with fiancee, Ruth. As per the reports, Shailene and Theo's connection caused Ruth to feel uncomfortable. She then suggested Theo to end filming "Ascendant" from the "Divergent Series" with his co-lead, Woodley.

Theo will not be included in the characters of "Ascendant" film. For this reason, he was turning his attention to his wedding with Ruth Kearney, Chat Sports Net reported.

Sports Insider added that, Theo was going apart from his "Divergent Series" co-lead, Woodley. It was for the reason to quell their secret affair speculations.

Reports are circulating that Shailene Woodley turned out to be enraged with Theo's refusals on filming "Ascendant." The viewers surely know that, Theo's absence in the movie is pointless. The story file will not retain its velocity.

Informants have professed that the "Divergent Series" leading lady would not permit varying the story tract. Nevertheless, Shailene still needs to respond on this statement.

Additionally, Chat Sports Net stated that, the "Divergent Series" Trilogy would not anymore be launched as a movie. It was instead transformed to be a TV series.

Shailene has, frankly, exposed her dislike. The other casts also did not sign up for a TV series. The Production squad remained silent. They did not yet announce their side why "Ascendant" is to be aired as a TV series.

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