Robert Downey Jr. to return to 'Iron Man 4' if Mel Gibson takes over as director

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Nov 21, 2016 04:19 AM EST

Robert Downey Jr. told the press that he would not redo his iconic role in "Iron Man 4." The actor said he will only appear in the sequel of "Iron Man" in one condition: if his friend, Mel Gibson, will take the director's job.

 The veteran actor-turned-director, Mel Gibson, will probably be the next "Iron Man" director. It is to relate with his latest interviews that he manifested an interest in directing "Iron Man 4."

Gibson was interviewed for his newest film "Hacksaw Ridge," which highlights his significant return. A question was thrown to him concerning his likelihood directing "Iron Man 4." The "Braveheart" director told Total Film (via Mobile Web),"It might be fun. You'd have to figure out a way to be different with that."

The "Blood Father" actor's statement doesn't directly confirming his involvement in "Iron Man" series. However, he was not averse on the notion of directing it.

As to connect with Gibson's previous movies, it has a pattern of being labeled as different. Another was his latest film, "Hacksaw Ridge," which was a distinct genre of a war movie. Gibson was certainly the right deal to make "Iron Man 4" a different one.

Mel Gibson snatched a break of decade-length from movie making. He finished the film "Apocalypto" before he was set on the said break. The movie has an excellent touch of being different.

During his Extra interview by Mario Lopez, his name was more fastened as a director than being an actor. "I think I'm a better director than actor...I hope somebody gives me an argument on that," Gibson told the TV host regarding his concepts on ruling the hit Marvel franchise.

It's just a matter of go signal from Gibson, and he will take control over the making of "Iron Man 4."

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