Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 gathers undesirable criticisms

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Nov 23, 2016 03:39 AM EST

Apple recently introduce the MacBook Pro 2016 two weeks ago, but only to received lots of criticisms from Apple fans. After its initial deliveries of the laptop, recent teardowns of both 13 and 15-inch versions reveal to impossible upgradability and an undersized battery.

New MacBooks should be the future of Apple's laptops. With USB C, Thunderbolt 3 ports, legacy USB and SD card reader, latest desktop level graphic cards, at least 32GB RAM and all thin portable design, Apple is hoping to get on the highest ends of all the pros.

However, per The Bit Bag post, MacBook 2016 makes a lot of undesirable benefits than having a good value for an investment. The touch bar has non-removable SSDs that can never be upgraded to another version. This means customers, once they purchase the laptop, should use it until the end of its life or maybe just sell it and buy a new and upgraded ones.

Battery life is also an important factor in a laptop. But the MacBook Pro 2016 does not qualify for the longevity of its supposed to be battery life of 10 hours for continuous usage. Test from various individuals proves that MacBook Pro 2016 would only last for 6 hours on average and 8 hours at the expense of the screen brightness and light usage. This far more below than last year's MacBook pro.

According to Peter Wells of The Sydney Morning Herald, features like USB ports are gone instead cheap dock are placed. Wells also added that touch bar does not make any improvements at all. "The tiny representation of the project timeline was cute, but really not practical", Wells explained.

Nevertheless, Wells didn't hide his positive feelings towards the product: "The speed with which I adopted the Touch Bar into my daily workflow suggests this little control strip is more than just a gimmick and certainly far more useful than the row keys I never used that it replaces."

The touch bar is basically an Apple Watch with a tiny processor and OLED display, is flattened out and stretched across the top of the keyboard.

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