Is tofu a healthy alternative to meat? The science facts reveal the truth

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Dec 01, 2016 03:35 PM EST

Vegan dishes or Tofu are thought to be a healthy alternative to meat but does the assumption agree with scientific facts?

A factual comparison of both Tofu and meat on multiple health measures inclusive of vitamin and protein content has brought to light many facts that would attract the attention of vegans.

In fact, it is highly difficult to make an accurate comparison of vegan meat and traditional meat because of the huge variety of vegan dishes and their varying components.

Tofu, the famous soy cheese, is considered the best example of meat substitute in vegan diet. As this is more recognized in this regard than other vegan products, a quick comparison of it can bring many nutritional facts to light.

According to BBC reports meat is always the winner when it comes to protein. It contains 3 times more protein than Tofu. But, this high quantity of protein comes with a cost and that is excessive fat!

Meat is rich with fats in many folds than Tofu. Processed forms of meat like sausages contain even more fat than the real protein.

The human body can make good use of Tofu in making protein on its own because Tofu contains 9 important amino acids that the body cannot make on its own.

When talking about minerals, Tofu is rich with iron. The amount of iron in Tofu is higher than meat or chicken. But, there is a little trouble.

The iron in chicken, for example, is built up with "heme" the red substance that gives the blood its red color. But the iron in Tofu is not "heme" and that is why it is not as easily absorbable by the body like the iron in chicken or meat.

Comparing Tofu with real organic meat may not do the justice to this amazingly nutritious vegan food. This product has the ability to protect the body from cancer, reports Medical Daily.  

Add with these scientific findings, vegan diet is becoming more popular every passing day. The number of vegans has increased to double from 2009 till now reports

Being vegan means dieting on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, leafy greens, seeds, nuts, and legumes. The variety of dishes and desserts made from the combination of these serves the dining table with a huge variation!

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