'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Iris West Allen gets killed by Savitar. If he protects her, will it Create new Flashpoint Paradox?

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Dec 12, 2016 05:46 AM EST

For all those who are more of MCU and DCEU fans, "The Flash" has been a magnificent TV series. Currently, "The Flash" is airing its Season 3 on CW. In "The Flash": Season 3, Barry Allen who plays Flash will reverse the timeline to save his mom and in return creates Flashpoint Paradox thereby changing everyone's existence including the Justice League. Also, know who is Savitar and how Barry meddles with the timeline and Beware! Spoilers ahead.

In "The Flash": Season 3, in a crossover with "Supergirl", '"Arrow", and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow", Barry Allens fights with aliens and villains. Savitar is the new enemy for Barry. The first few episodes of The Flash will show Julian transforming into Doctor Alchemy. Savitar will have appearances in the here and then he will be the full-fledged villain in the second half.

Yibada reported the storyline of "The Flash" where Julian mourns the death of her sister while on an archaeological expedition in India. Savitar is an intelligent antagonist who uses Julian's grief and promises her sister back on possessing the Philosopher's Stone and betrays the promise by possessing Julian's body instead.

Barry Allen has caught Savitar in the future, however, now in the present when Savitar is free, he chases Barry for revenge. Barry Allen finds out that Savitar will kill his girlfriend, Iris West Allen, after which Barry Allen considers meddling with the timeline to stop this happening.

In a fierce battle with Savitar, Barry Allen is successful in snatching the Philosopher's Stone which must be disposed of. However, it is not possible to destroy it neither can keep it hidden. Henry Allen suggests Barry Allen combine their speed forces and throw it deep into the speed force. After succeeding in throwing the box carrying stone away, Barry eventually gets sucked into the future where he notices the events of tomorrow where Savitar will kill Iris West in front of future self.

Savitar who happens to possess Julian's body is a speedster menace. He possesses powers like no speedster. He has unique skills as he had studied time forces. Savitar has super fast healing abilities similar to Wolverine and he can steal speed forces from others. What's more? "The Flash": Season 3 will have one more addition to its team. Gypsy will be debuting in near future, Cinema Blend reported.  

"The Flash" has been one of the most successful TV series and there are still few episodes left of Season 3. Watch this space for more spoilers. 

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