Diabetes Prevention Needs Long-Term Exercise and Weight Loss [STUDY]

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Dec 13, 2016 12:35 PM EST

Regular exercise has proven benefits but when it comes to diabetes, it is surprising that type 2 diabetes can be treated and prevented by just briskly walking for 150 minutes a week and losing 7% of total body weight.

The main focus is needed to be given to the dedication to both - exercise and weight decrease. People need to be convinced that going more regular with exercises and losing extra pounds from their body is the best way to prevent from the impacts of diabetes, according to Post-Gazette.

Lose the weight and keep it stable and start exercising and keep it regular! This is the golden rule to avoid drugs and treat diabetes type 2 successfully and safely.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine has published a study by the University of Pittsburgh that individuals who joined the study in Diabetes Prevention Program 10 years ago did not stop exercising as compared to average persons in similar health circumstances and age. 

The same people after 10 years were compared to the common population of same age and health problems with the help of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, known as NHANES.

 The study supervisors used ActiGraph accelerometer readings to prepare data of exercise levels and did not depend on self-report questionnaires.

The results of the study revealed that long-term enhancement was gained through moderate activity levels. The accelerometer data showed that participants of study had notably more physical activity than the common population, said the study author Bonny Rockette-Wagner, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health director of physical activity assessment in its department of epidemiology.

 The breakthrough Diabetes Prevention Program study, published in 2002, showed that people who lost weight and did regular exercise had 58% higher success in preventing diabetes as compared to common people.

Another group of people who depended on metformin drug for treating type 2 diabetes had only 31% higher success rate of preventing diabetes as compared to common people.

It is surprising how exercise and weight loss can keep diabetes under control better than the traditional drugs.

Apart from keeping diabetes under control, exercise and weight loss have tons of other benefits which can actually bring the real joy of enviable health to individuals.

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