Teen Drug Usage On An All Time Low

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Dec 14, 2016 08:08 AM EST

Good news, the trend of drugs amongst the teenagers has sharply declined. In a new survey, the U.S. National Institute of drug abuse (NIDA) claims that drug consumption is at an all time low.

It was a serious issue amongst the adult population of previous generation. This aptly titled survey 'Monitoring the Future' is the yearly study of behaviours and choices among teens in the 8th, 10th and 12th grade. These are the Men and Women of tomorrow. The real future of a nation.

Once considered cool, Drugs like ecstasy, cocaine and heroin are not finding many takers among the youth. Live Science reports that the survey considered both illegal and prescription drug abuse in the U.S. NIDA Director Dr. Nora Volkow adds that not only drugs but drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco has also declined.

However the survey is unclear on the issue of Marijuana. As per CBS News there was a slight decrease in its usage among the younger teens but for the older lot it remained roughly the same as previous years.

Considering the push for legalisation of Marijuana across the United States, experts feel there is a need to keep it under watch as legalisation may raise its consumption. Like other drugs there is a hope that Marijuana trend also declines.

There is no specific reason behind other drug's diminishing graph but the slight reduction in the availability of Alcohol and cigarette has caused their access a little less easier. Often Cigarette is the first thing that a teenager tries before graduating to severe drugs. A check by the state and community at this very first level might have controlled their future progression (regression in this case).

The increase in video game usage might also be one of the contributing factors. Also thanks to the social media there has been a widespread awareness on the right lifestyle choices. If the present is curbed, the future can be restored. Considering the age group in question, its a very heartening and encouraging sign.

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