Arrow Season 5 Spoilers And Rumors: Laurel Lance, Talia Al Ghul, Susan Willaims And Prometheus In Light

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Dec 22, 2016 07:25 AM EST

The mid season finale of Season 5 ''Arrow'' has left viewers totally confused. Now Every single fan has theories on the arrival of Talia al Ghul, the return of Laurel Lance, a Susan Williams Bratva affiliation and the identity of Prometheus. 

A few bits of theories are making rounds with respect to the arrival of Talia al Ghul. Rumors say that Lexa Doig will be playing the part of the eldest daughter of Ra's al Ghul on the second half of the ongoing season of ''Arrow'', reports. Talia al Ghul is a dangerous member of the League of Assassins. Hence forth re-establishing the League of Assassins with Talia al Ghul as the head.

Fans were stunned when the mid season finale ended where Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) surprisingly finds Laurel lance (Katie Cassidy) aka Black Canary standing in the Arrowcave. 

However, certain hypothesis according to are that Talia al Ghul brought back Laurel lance to life using the Lazarus pit. If so, then the viewers are in for a Laurel lance with blood lust. Die hard fans of the show are aware of the consequences of using the Lazarus pit for resurrection. 

There are more rumors, reports that Susan Wiliams (Carly Pope) could have connection to Bratva the powerful Russian Mafia organization. The possible association comes to light as the reporter Susan Williams has a denouncing photograph of Oliver joining the Bratva. Another evidence to believe her involvement is the fact that she likes the same bottle of vodka, which Oliver and Anatoly Knyazev consumes in prior episodes. 

Prometheus is one of the most dangerous foes that has appearéd in ''Arrow''. Many theories have been surfacing the web regarding his identity. The best of them is that 'Tommy Merlyn' (Colin Donnell) is Prometheus. Viewers very well know that this character died in the first season. Factors to believe his return is the Flash point, which turned the course events thanks to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) aka The Flash and Alchemy (Tom Felton). The mid season finale also has several clues to support this theory.

The second half of season 5 ''Arrow'' is bound to return on the 25th of Januray next year. If the rumors are true, then fans are in for quite a treat.

Here is a promo for the up and coming episode of ''Arrow''.

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