'Justice League': Funny Bone 'Flash' will add a Taste of Comic Relief; Calls Batman a Grumpy Dad

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Dec 23, 2016 12:11 PM EST

The most awaited superhero action movie "Justice League" will release in November 2017 but the hype is taking an inclined paradigm. The movie has some badass characters from DCEU that are Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and of course the witty "Flash". However, Flash serves two roles in the upcoming movie that is one of a superhero and one of a witty and humorous guy that lightens even the severe situations.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Justice League will have Ezra Miller playing the role of The Flash, the fastest man alive. In a report published by Inverse, Ezra Miller expresses his character as a Ringo Starr. He further escalates that in the upcoming movie, he will annoy his colleagues in a funny way. In a witty statement said by The Flash, Ezra Miller states that he uses family metaphors to make his puns more cheerful. For instance, "Uncle Fish Curry is very grumpy". In the case of Batman who is always in the serious mood, The Flash will also pull his leg which could make the situation light. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Warrior princess but very considerate and hence, Flash annoys her.

Ezra Miller aka The Flash said that he refers Aquaman as a grumpy uncle, Batman as a grumpy dad, and he might call Superman grumpy big brother? For those who are more into Marvel and DC Universe will find a reference to Wally West from the comics. Unlike Barry from the TV Series "The Flash", Ezra Miller's Barry Allen is a snarky genius.

MoviesNGuide further elaborated by quoting that The Flash will be a funny bone of the team. He is a speedster and will give comic relief to the most awaited movie of 2017 in which The Flash might create hilarious situations against the DC's Heavyweight superheroes.

The supervillain in the Justice League is Steppenwolf and his army of parademons. The movie will release on November 16, 2017, and guess what, Superman might return as the invisible Man of Steel. It is a sort of Spoiler Alert. More Spoilers to come soon. Watch this space for more.

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