Heart Attack Victim's Brother Dies of Heath Attack in Sharjah

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Dec 25, 2016 10:01 PM EST

Death is invincible as known. In a similar fate, an Indian national living in Saudi Arabia, admitted his young brother as the latter encountered a heart attack and he received medical assistance at the Al Qasimi Hospital in Sharjah. The weird fate of destiny is that the elder brother who brought his brother to the hospital died of heart attack at the hospital.

Abid Ali Mumtaz was the one who was being administered at the Al Qasimi Hospital due to a heart attack. He was brought to the hospital by his elder brother Zulfikar Ali. The former was admitted to the hospital in mid-October and ever since Zulfikar Ali has been visiting him daily. However, on a similar visit to the hospital, he encountered a heart attack after which he was administered at the hospital. After a few days, he died of heart attack at the hospital, as mentioned in Live-News-Today

Gulf News stated that He is survived by three young children. The deceased Zulfikar Ali's body has been repatriated to India and his home. On the other hand, the younger brother Abid,46, is currently being administered in the hospital and he will be sent back to India after his family posted a request for transfer. Al Qasimi Hospital is coordinating with Abid's family and will handle all legal procedures to repatriate Zulfikar's body to India.

"Abid has become unresponsive", A co-worker who works with him in a decor company said. He added that he might be not knowing that his elder brother had died. The cost of sending Abid to India with all medical attention is DH22,900 as estimated by an official of the hospital. The co-worker added that they are trying to help Abid, however, as the cost is high and he doesn't have a health insurance cover, there is not much help they can provide.

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