Justice League And Wonder Woman Plots Revealed, The Rock Sips with Henry Cavill

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Dec 27, 2016 11:56 AM EST

''Justice League'' is getting nearer to us every day, as fans are enthusiastically sitting tight for its uncover, there are few fascinating occasions that happened as of late which spins around its universe. Mainly Henry Cavill uncovers a plot in the motion picture, Diana Prince takes a sword from her mother and Dwayne Johnson the future villain 'Black Adam' of DC having a decent time with none other than Henry Cavill aka Superman.

As indicated by Comicbookmovie.com, Henry Cavill as of late uncovered a plot in the 'Justice League' motion picture in an issue of the Total Film Magazine. He passed on that in the film, there will be an argument between the Man of Steel and Batman on who is the leader of the group. Presently it is not affirmed whether this is a humorous banter or regardless they have some contention staying between them. Keep in mind that they did fight it out in the ''Batman vs Superman'' film.

A new plot has been revealed in the upcoming ''Wonder Woman'' movie as well. As per reports from Entertainment weekly, there is a scene in the Diana prince's stand alone movie where she steals ''God Killer'' Sword after rebelling against her own mother Thymescira. It is said that she does this in a crucial part of the film in order to save all humanity.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson recently uploaded an Instagram picture which can also be seen in his Facebook account. The post Christmas chill picture, consists of him, having a sip with non other than Henry Cavill. The picture its self has a lot of power considering if it was taken in the DC Universe. Could the stars be hinting a future collision between Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) and Superman (Henry Cavill).

The 2nd trailer for the ''Justice League'' is still yet to be shown by DC. Hope these pictures and plots brings some light for the fans.  

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