Cancer Treatment with Metformin: A New Revolution in the Field of Medicine

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Dec 28, 2016 09:46 AM EST

In the field of Medicine, a revolutionary treatment for cancer has been discovered by Prof. Michael Hall and his research team at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel. Metformin, which is widely used for the treatment of diabetes, when mixed with the anti-hypertensive drug Syrosingopine turn out to be the best effective medicine for Cancer treatment.

As per the study in Science Advances, metformin has anti- cancer properties other than the capacity to reduce glucose sugar. Also, there are studies that prove the decline of cancer symptoms in the diabetic patients, who intake metformin. The drug shows the efficiancy for cancer treatment. But the effectiveness of metformin for cancer is different for different patients. 

 The usual dosage doesn't act as an effective anti- cancer agent. When metformin is combined with syrosingopine, it increases the efficiency of metformin's cancer cell killing capacity. It then starts to repond effetively for cancer treatment. The syrosingospine and mitochondrial inhibitors have less effect on mitochondrial function, when it is used in less quantity separately.

The information from Science Daily states that the combination of these two drugs can cure a wide range of cancers without causing any side effects. Only the tumor cells will be killed by this combination and not the normal cells. It was observed that, the death of cancer cell happened after 20 hours of the treatment.

When the combination of both drugs was tested on animals, it is noted that the tumors vanished completely. The drug was tested in mice with liver cancer and enlarged liver. After the treatment, the size of the liver was visibly shorter also the number of the tumor nodules.

Not only that, the capacity of cancer cells to grow and their metabolic activity was completely paralyzed by the drug. And the energy supply of the cancer cells was reduced, which makes it unguarded. This is a proof that the combination of both the drugs proves to be effective in cancer treatment

The discovery done by Prof. Michael Hall and his fellow research team have given a ray of hope to the cancer patients. Also the study has opened many future possibilities to discover more such combinations concentrating on tumor cells. In the near future, we can expect an effective medicine for the complete cure of cancer.

Here is a video by ecancer explaining about the cancer treatment through metformin.


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