Twitter Brings Out 360 Degree Live Video Streaming On Periscope: Watching Videos Will Never Be The Same

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Dec 29, 2016 03:44 AM EST

For those who swear by live video streaming, there's a good news. Twitter has brought about the option of live video streaming on Periscope and video watching surely won't be the same anymore.

According to Digital Trends, the feature is expected to roll out real fast, and users can watch it stream right away. Even though all users can watch in 360 degrees, only selective partners can stream in 360 degrees during launch.

Periscope, on Wednesday, announced launching of live 360 degree videos. It has launched the live video streaming in association with a small group of users. However, it has also mentioned that it would roll out the streaming to other users within the coming week. As per The Verge, there is no confirmed date for the release of the live streaming feature for the users.

Interestingly, Periscope has also come up with a wait list that allow users to sign up that informs them when the feature gets launched. Now, for the users, it comes with the usual viewing option that is available across other platforms, including Facebook Live Video.

With Periscope 360 live video streaming available on Twitter and Periscope, users can  watch various parts of the live streaming simply by a tap on the screen and scrolling or turning the phone. Yes, it is that easy. For the first time users, there is nothing to believe that using the feature is similar to learning rocket science.

Next, for desktop users, using the feature is quite easy. The users just need to click and drag to change point of view. The Live 360 videos are easily identifiable as they come with a red batch on Periscope as well as Twitter.

The news about the launch of the feature has come right after social network giant, Facebook's announcement about testing Live 360 videos on Facebook Live. There is no doubt that both Twitter and Periscope had a hard time from Facebook Live as publishers moved to Facebook's platform to find greater viewers. Well, it seems no social network site is ready to give up so soon.

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