Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Havin Troubled Times With Their Marriage[VIDEO]

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Jan 02, 2017 08:17 AM EST

The 35-year old fashion designer and actress, Nicole Richie seems to have a tough life with her 37-year old rocker husband Joel Madden.

Nicole started dating Joel, the lead singer in Good Charlotte, back in 2006. The couple had two children born before they were married in 2010.

It is reported that the couple is having a terrible time together and Nicole is apparently unhappy with the immature husband ways of behavior.

Radar Online posted few pictures of Nicole in December 2016, when she was spotted twice without her wedding ring. This rung the alarms for the media houses to speculate the end is near for the couple's marriage.

According to confide close to the couple revealed "Nicole has tried everything! She's just reached the end of her rope. She was a wild child once, but they have two kids now and she believes Joel needs to grow up for them - if not her."

Sources further claim that the couple is just living as co-parents, taking care of their children. Though they are put-up for more than 10 years, they couldn't patch up with martial problems.

A source said, "This seems like another chapter of turmoil in their marriage - and given that Nicole seems to have looked for love elsewhere, it doesn't look like there will be much more!"

However, Gossip Cop dismissed the rumors that the couple is having a sexless life and also hit back at the rumors of divorce, as these are fabricated by some people with vested interest.

In late December 2016, Madden himself posted in the Instagram a family photo tagging "Bringing your family to work", with two heart emojis. And one of his colleagues earlier posted a photo of the couple together oin the Instagram, both were not talked in Radaronline.

Gossip Cop finds no evidence to state that the couple's marriage is on the brink of divorce as asserted by Radaronline and National Enquirer.

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