The Flash: Whom Should Scarlet Speedster Fight in The FIlm?

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Jan 02, 2017 07:45 PM EST

 The Flash has given the fandom a good preview of what to expect from the series. From man-shark to telepathic gorilla, or Gorilla Grodd, Reverse-Flash to eve Zoom, everybody kind of is somewhat at loggerheads with Flash. Most of these villains are speedsters and this might be a little too baffling as to how many Meta humans Flash would have to deal with.

Todd Helbing, the executive producer, has a very intelligent take on the situation. He said that for Barry to survive and for Reverse-Flash and Zoom to have a fair competition in the name of villains, they must incorporate people who might just become a challenge for Flash.

According to Cinema Blend, in Season 3, the new antagonist was going to be introduced: Savitar. Now, the only thing, and probably a very good thing that Todd could do away with, about Season 3 is that Savitar will torture Barry on several levels. Firstly there is the psychological level, which will be a toll for Barry to deal with, and then there are the things about super speed. Now, although, this might seem a little vague, but at least the fandom has something to latch on to.

It will be a delight for everybody who watches The Flash religiously to see how Barry can take down, another one of these Meta Humans. The kind of hindrance that Todd and the creators are planning on putting in front of the Flash, will be a delight to witness. This will give way to what to expect next from the series and how to be at the edge of the seats, every single time, according to Movie News Guide

Credence the Obscurus might not have a happy ending to talk about, but the person playing the character: Ezra Miller has a lot to tell, this year. The new Flash movie is the solo venture for Ezra. Yet, what remains unexplained or hasn't been revealed are the villain(s) that might appear in the movie.

The scarlet speedster has had his fair share of screen space in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and with a fair amount of screen time in the Justice League next year, it is looking good for Ezra. Anyway, for the movie, here are some of the speculations as to who might be the perfect villain that would make this movie an entertaining event for the fandom.

Captain Cold

This is probably a lethal way to take down Flash. This archenemy has created a gun that can freeze anything and anyone, below zero temperature. This is the only way; someone can get Flash to not move at his unrealistic speed.

Captain Boomerang

This particular 'anti-hero' of sorts has appeared in the recent Suicide Squad movie. His ammo is to use his boomerang, which can bring a plot-twist to about anything. But there is one possibility that he will be the chosen one as the villain, for in the movie, there was a scene where the two of them were seen together. Now, if this is the hint or if this is to tease his existence is unknown, but here is to hoping for the best.

Gorilla Grodd

This enemy has telepathic abilities, and can take down any person. But his only hindrance is the fact that Flash's thought process is way too fast for him to grasp. For, it is faster than any random individual.

Here are some of the suggestions and ideas which might work out for the movie, but who knows what awaits the fandom. Only thing, for sure, is that Flash will release on March 18, 2018. 

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