‘In 2017’: 5 New Upcoming Technologies Will Change The World

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Jan 02, 2017 02:52 AM EST

Technology has played a very important role in 2016, which changed a whole process of living, working, and playing. But, after so many years of trying, Virtual assistants had thought beyond of cell phones, and get into smart home technologies. Here's the top five new upcoming technologies are:

Internet of Things 

From so many years, we are facing an issue of interoperability in Internet of Things. In 2017, Internet of Things (IOT) is supposed to connect all our devices together and making them sings in a glorious technological harmony.

AI and Automation, Everywhere

Automation is not a new proposal it is just taken for a business side. An automated technology primarily comes in the form of automated customer service systems to give help at needed time. But, just automation will be getting more common to every place this year.

The Rise of Synthetic Food

As day passes the world is getting more populated, but our natural resources and our climate are stretched to the limit. So, what we will eat as the year rolls on, and it comes up with an answer of getting mixed into synthetic food. Therefore, Soylent can be taken an example. Soylent has all the nutrients as per the average person needs, but there's one big problem: it's kind of unappetizing. But scientists are working on. Also others are working on growing foods, like eggs and meat, in laboratory environments.

The Physical and Digital World Blur

Virtual reality was a big hit in 2016. But, the real world can't walk around with a headset on. The dramatic rise of Google Glass sites that walking around with space age glasses won't work either. For example, to direct you to find exactly what you're looking for. So it is called as "augmented reality," where virtual objects and information are displayed on top of the physical world. Nowadays, a Search engine is already expanding on image search and allows you to point your camera and gives information based on search.

3D Printing For All

Now 3D printers have been common for all and most of us can afford. That should change this year, because it can be found between $200-300. These prices can be cut down and some new models will launched - such as 101Hero for just $99 and PocketMaker 3D for just $149.

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