Samsung Conducted an In-House Investigation Against Samsung Galaxy Note 7; Reports Will Unveil Mid-January

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Jan 03, 2017 10:23 AM EST

In 2016, the Samsung Note 7 was launched, however, it was not too early when it received complaints of the overheating battery. Soon, complaints regarding its explode started surfacing which affected its brand value. The in-house Investigation finds out what happened actually. 

A total of 26 speculations were reported of the device getting exploding, however, few were true and hence, Samsung recalled all its Note 7 with the last step taken last month when an update was released thereby disabling the Note 7 to charge. However, an in-house investigation was already initiated and its happening was disclosed recently. 

The cause of the explosion was quoted as a defective battery, however, the South Korean brand found out something quirky after the investigation were concluded and Samsung will release the official investigation report in the mid-January, PhoneArena reported.

At first, when complaints were registered against battery overheating, Samsung recalled all its Note 7 and got it replaced by other Note 7 smartphones, however, that too faced the same issue. The speculations and many real incidents made Note 7 one of the worst failure in 2016. MacRumors reported that U.S. Flights banned the Note 7 from being onboard and hence, it raised many security concerned. Samsung took an intellectual step by disabling all the Galaxy Note 7 across the globe and getting the smartphone replaced for any other product or a total refund. 

Sources confirm that only the higher official has received the results yet. The reports will help Samsung revive its damaged brand value. Samsung is planning to focus on the upcoming Galaxy S8 lineup in 2017 which is expected to be out on February 26th, at MCW or in April 2017. 

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will have all-screen curved glass with the base variant at the 5.2-inch screen and 6.0-inch screen for the S8 Plus model. The price of both the devices remains a mystery. 

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