Statin or No Operation? How to Prevent Cardiac Diseases

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Jan 04, 2017 01:58 AM EST

Tania Lee, had recently come up with an issue that had to do with her heart across the internet. The aforementioned condition would be a way of oversimplifying her problem. She had an angiogram done, and the results would shock not just her but her cardiologist as well.

According to Mail Online, the lady would have 16 points of the blood pumping veins and arteries narrowing down on her, as well as, they are clogged. Now, this is a pretty bad condition, for, the heart is unable to do its job properly. The arteries are the major points through which the heart would receive the oxygenated blood and therefore, work send them out to make the body function properly. Now, with clogged pores, the heart might just cease to function properly and cause a heart attack.

The lady being diagnosed at a stage where she wasn't affected, she was prescribed with atorvastatin and aspirin for her condition. This medication will help the arteries and the opening to unclog and create a free pass for the blood to travel properly. The blockage is called atheroma or plaque, revealed Global Headlines.

For most of the patients, the prescribed medicines would work perfectly, but there are certain where the plaque is large enough for the medicine to work properly. In such cases, a very tiny balloon is gently threaded up the artery in one's arm and is inflated around the area of obstruction. A very small mesh tube or a stent is then inserted to open the artery. Even when this procedure fails in providing a proper solution, the doctors may suggest a bypass or a operation of such stature, which will help in clearing the plaque.

Thus, it has been established that there are several stages of treatment when it comes to clogged arteries. The gravity of the condition should be determined by the doctor and thus, he must recommend something that is suitable.

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