Frequent Headaches May Be A Result Of Low Vitamin D

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Jan 05, 2017 04:24 AM EST

Vitamin D is universally known as a vital nutrition responsible for the growth and strength of bones. However a recent study claims that its deficiency may lead to frequent headaches.

As per Live Science the study was conducted in Finland among 2,600 men in the age group of 42 to 60. After collecting their blood samples the frequency of their headaches was noted. Interestingly they were part of a study on risk factors for heart disease in which almost 70 percent of them had 20 nanograms per mililitre(50 nanomoles per liter) or less of vitamin D in their blood samples.

However there are some shortcomings in the study. It doesn't take into account female participants and the people having less nanograms or nanomols of vitamin D in their blood may not be so much exposed to sunlight because of spending more time indoor. Also the study was inconclusive about what came first, the headache or the deficiency of vitamin D.

In Finland and other Nordic countries vitamin D is a real cause of concern as sunlight is scarce and it is one of the chief sources of vitamin D.

According to CTV News the participants were divided into four groups based on their vitamin D levels. The research team observed that the group with higher level of serum vitamin D had almost 116% lesser chances of chronic headaches than that of the group having smaller levels of vitamin D.

Researchers believe a lack of vitamin D in the human body may lead to many other chronic diseases. There is also a possibility of cognitive decline in the human body due to lack of vitamin D.

Deficiency of vitamin D at times of pregnancy might also lead to autism, ADHD and asthma in children while adults might have to face multiple sclerosis, IBS and even bladder cancer. In conclusion the utility of vitamin D is much more than just strengthening the bones, it is essential for the overall well being too.

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