World's First Thermal Action Camera Is Here And Its Ready To Fly!

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Jan 05, 2017 08:21 AM EST

Remember the thermal imaging scanner at the alien assassin's disposal used to locate its prey in the Hollywood blockbuster "Predator"? A likely alternative to that fictional thermal vision is now a reality all thanks to the imaging visionary company Flir.

According to Gizmodo this groundbreaking imaging device with an inbuilt thermal scanner device introduced by Flir is known as Duo. It has the capacity to capture thermal images from the sky. This device as per sources, will be primarily used in drones for image capturing. It will also have an inbuilt video camera.

Using the unique picture-to-picture option helps to drive the drone without being distracted by the thermal images captured by the camera. Besides, one can assure what is being looked at exactly thanks to the MSX overlay technology even from a good distance.

Flir is already a well known player among thermal camera manufacturers when it came up with the Flir One camera two years ago. It received positive reviews from all sections of camera lovers and critics. This time Flir has made the product more appealing for professionals who can take advantage of the gadget's remote-temperature measuring capabilities.

According to Engadget the dual imagery feature of the Flir Duo is another highlight. It has got a dual lens which works simultaneously to give more precision to the picture or video captured. It will also come with a height adjustable connector for mobile phones.

In case of drone photography there might be a small problem as the devices from DJI, the prime drone manufacturer in the market comes with pre installed camera. DJI comprises of a huge portion of the drone market. Though the two companies has worked together before, it will remain a challenge for some time, until then Flir will be counting on different alternatives

This new wonder camera from Flir will be available at $ 1000 for the base model and $ 1300 for the upgraded version suited for aerial videography.

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