7th - gen Intel CPUs Uncovered: Desktops and Laptops to Get New Brand of Intel CPUs

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Jan 05, 2017 11:38 AM EST

If Intel can play with the minutest thing imagined, it has every potential to play with the same zeal and creativity with giants as well. Yes! A little while ago, the technology giant rolled out new-brand processors for ultraportable devices and now is the turn for the technological enhancement of complex and heavy systems as well.

As per the report published in Engadget goes Intel is rolling out the new brand of advanced CPUs for laptops and desktops. In technical terminology, these advanced CPUs are 7th-generation CPUs: more efficient, sharp and smaller in size.

These CPUs are rolled out in two separate series: H - series and S - series, separately designed for two distinct gadgets. Laptops and compact mobile devices are supposed to get H - series powered 7th - gen CPUs. S - series intensified 7th - gen CPUs are intended to serve big and large conventional desktops.

It is but natural to assume the faster performance with the inception of 7th - gen CPUs and to give us the sneak - peak view of the same Intel specified 25% faster processing with i7-7700K S-series CPU. It is electric-fast than the previous i7-4770K CPU.

Obviously, the H-series CPUs are going to be likely light-fast than i7-4700HQ, and what Intel has to say about it will leave you spellbound, yes, it will be 20% faster than i7-4700HQ.

According to another report published in BetaNews, the new brand of Intel CPUs will enable users to enjoy the seamless process of sharing, creating and sewing of videos (360-degree view videos) with fluidity like that of water and with much faster speed never experienced before.

It's a big attraction Intel has come up with and nothing can stop Intel when the matter is of innovation, bringing efficiency into the existing technology and creating faster processing CPUs.

Intel's 7th-gen CPUs are all set to take the technology on roller coaster ride, hold your breath and tighten your belt to enjoy the ride with Intel.

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