'OMORI', Surreal Psychological Horror Game, Begins The Year With A New Trailer; Is Release Date Coming At Long Last?

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Jan 09, 2017 04:01 AM EST

Omori's new trailer released on the first week of January perked the attention of fans and supporters as it may signal that the game will have its release date soon. Along with its trailer, Kickstarter explained why the game is delayed. (Photo : Facebook/Omori )

"Omori" may soon become a reality as it introduced its new trailer, a much-anticipated development since the concept of the surreal psychological horror game was started back in 2014.

It was on April 21, 2014 when Kickstarter organized a crowdfunding for Omori, aimed to be both a PC and Nintendo 3DS game that will depict the life of Omocat's story. The idea was got an ample support from some 5,910 people who all in all had given $203,300. Three years has passed and all the public got wind of is some plot lines and a promise that the game will be released.

Well then, 2017 may be the lucky year for Omori supporters since aside from the trailer, game developers released a statement causing the release of the game. According to Siliconera, there has been a change of game makers from RPGMaker VX Ace to RPGMaker MV, a move that took a long time just to ensure that the game will gain more compatibility across operating systems with the exception of its compatibility with PIXI4 graphics.

It was said that to be compatible with the PIXI4 system, developers have to compromise in 'changing the core system and remaking plug-ins' that can only happen in RPGMaker VX Ace.

Aside from these changes, The Zero Review said that Kickstarter promised to release the game on May 2015 but it was said that there were several bugs encountered along the process causing the delay which has been anticipated to receive negative backlash from its fans and supporters.

It ws previously reported that "Omori" will focus on the 'depressed otaku' who lives in a surreal environment of a bright white space with no walls and with only a black light bulb that can disturb the white expanse of space. But then, there are moments when Omori will remember the times when his life is not always focused in living that white space.

More plot twists are teased in the RPGmaker game site. As reported by PC Gamer, in playing "Omori", one has to travel two worlds while keeping one's secrets. Further, one can expect to fight old and new enemies, reminisce one's memories and find out more truths about oneself. In the end, the player only has to choose to believe only one truth and one world to believe in.

A new release date for Omori is yet to be announced. Fans who are expecting the customized crewneck, t-shirt and pin set backer may receive them on February 2017.

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