Theresa May Vows for Mental Healthcare Overhaul in the Country

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Jan 09, 2017 10:13 AM EST

News full of the treat for mental health specialists in England has just broken out. Theresa May, UK PM, in her latest speech, pledged to repair the dilapidated and ignored mental health care in the Country!

A BBC report covering the prime minister's speech reveals her serious concern for the improvement of the Mental health care services. Earlier the medical men had shared the concern in which they proposed the need for adequate funding for the overhaul of mental health services. Now that government is showing seriousness towards the issue, this news is nothing less than a treat for health experts, who are looking to it positively.

BBC has mentioned in their report that young women especially are more likely to get hit by the risk of mental health, followed by adults who become the victim of Politics and job problems and end up risking their mental health. One adult in every four is suffering from mental illness, reports claim.

Theresa May is pledging to strengthen the mental health from the grass-root level. School curriculum will include the training course in mental health which would offer them first aid information about maintaining the mental health.

A review will be conducted to examine the mental health state of children and adolescent, the increase in the budget and expansion of online mental health services are few other steps the government is planning to undertake in order to overhaul the mental health services in the Country.

Another report published in Daily Mail reports that May's speech is going to be focused on Mental health. She will address the nation on apparently every issue Country is facing right now. But it is the mental health which is the center of attention in the media circles because the mental health state in Britain is in shambles.

It may prove a remarkable step which can bring back on track the estranged mental health services in Britain.

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